Dreaded Hole

This poem is sort of a continuation of my little love affair with that cute guy I met during the science camp. Because we have been texting each other for a while and nothing more. Puppy Love. Tsk. I was fifteen then so pardon my exaggerated emotions.

Dreaded Hole

It was just some joke
That lived inside of me.
Unexpectedly, things evolved
and the joke snickered at me.

It went beyond the limits
And it’s bugging me so.
A naïve little encounter
Started it all.

Then, in my heart,
I saved a space.
A delicate space
I saved for you.

But now, I’m afraid I created that space.
It’s still a void.
Satiate it.
And save me from disappointment.

I fear
for someday,
That space would turn into a hole
That could expand.

It could grow so big
That I may conclude
It’s eating up my crimson heart,
Continuously, unceasingly.

After my heart has been sucked
By the dreaded hole,
Nothing would be left of me,
But indifference.

2 dropped their thoughts:

Brewed Coffee | September 20, 2011 at 3:17 AM

If you find the love of your life, I am most sure he can fill all the void spaces in your heart :-)

Miss `Chievous | September 20, 2011 at 4:10 AM

I hope he'll come sooner. :) Thanks for reading. That was my young self speaking. Lol

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