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Magpie Mondays {Wrenching My Way to Happiness


Wrenching My Way to Happiness

In a world I like the least
is where I consistently find myself,
seeking for reasons to sip my morning coffee,
thinking of fluffy sheep jumping over a daisy
as I lay my head on my pillow.

Struggling to make days work, 
molding my cobblestone path,
working on whatever it is 
that needs to be wrenched.
Sweat and boredom, mixed and stirred.

I work for my dreams,
I know what are they, though vague and shallow,
I still pray deeply at night
That my carefully laid out gears,
would work for me someday.

*Written for The Magpie Tales
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He was that stranger you wanted to know. You kissed kismet sweetly when a part of his world was tangent to yours. Then you hugged kismet hard enough when his world overlapped yours. He’s that person who can make you forget your standards, the one who can make you dive into a made-up pool of dream, where you two can be free as the fishes on the ocean, and surface the waters after years to gasp for some air. Then, he takes your hand and dive again. He’s that somebody you would beautifully hold your breath for too long, even though you know that you’d start to forget to breathe again. You knew that your veins would pop, but you convince yourself that a little band aid would make you feel better. You always have that box of band aid near you, just in case.
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 25


They say to let go. If he comes back to you, he is yours. But, if he came back and the same shit happened, well I guess you need to let go completely. 
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Quote: Be my Thrill

Consistency in comparison to sporadicity; the prior makes you feel wanted the later gives you the thrill and makes you want them more, but it is the weight of your heart's desire that matters the most.
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