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Magpie Mondays {From Goblets to Starbucks Plastic Cups}

From Goblets to Starbucks Plastic Cups

Just because I had a nightcap at Starbucks an hour ago...


Around the table, they sat,
all formal and stiff.
Women on curvy corsets, 
and men on top hats and tails.
Goblets and silver spoons
are their tools of attack,
while organic soft music 
escapes the strings of the rebec.


Around the table, they sat,
all cool and comfy.
Women on tank tops,
and men on board shorts and slippers.
Plastic cups with cafe logos
are their symbols of superiority,
while pumping club music
spills out from the iPod speakers.

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Quote of the Day {from Chiin}

Maybe some of you girls should eat make-up so you can be pretty on the inside. 

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Aizanity Quote of the Day 01

When you finally found the thing that you love doing, your bucket list will never go empty.

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How to Be God's Little Princess: A Book Review


How to be God's Little Princess
Royal Tips for Manners, Etiquette, and True Beauty

by Shiela Walsh with Jennifer Gerelds

This is my first book from BookSneeze.com and I was so excited to read it. The book has a light, princessy effect, with shimmering silver text titles on a pink background. When you open the book, you can also see that the sides of each page has pink hues, which dramatically fades in.

This book is dedicated to every young lady in the world and it holds guidelines on how a little girl can be a good Christian and how she can be pleasing to God and to others at such a young age. The guidelines ranges from how to obtain the regal posture and poise, how to apply table manners, how to wear a tiara, how to host a great party, how to write a thank you note, and what are the proper and improper things to do in cyberspace.

The way that these things are taught are made more interactive and fun through quizzes, cute illustrations, do-it-yourself's and scribbling sections. The faith in God of these little girls would be strengthened more and they would be taught how to act properly in different situations. Also, related Bible verses are printed on each new topic page. 

How to be God's Little Princess would make an excellent gift for young girls whose age is from 7 to 12 years old. This would definitely bring up a lady that is beautiful, inside and outside in the eyes of God.

I would be give it to my little cousin in the right time. She is just five years old now. :)
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Magpie Mondays {Dusty, but Golden}

Dusty, but Golden

And now, I'm tangled up in a yarn,
Pulled back into my yesterday's lair.
Where the moon is my mother,
And the brown, crisp pages are my blissful poison.

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I Need to be Young Again

Panting, I hurried my steps through the stairs and barged into the emptied classroom. I have to get it. I just have to. I mentally urged myself. I began throwing things out of my locker including a thick novel. The book hit the white board and created a mark, but I didn’t mind. I have more important things to do than fix that stupid mark.

Aha! There it was. I picked up my mathematics notebook and started prancing towards the door when something hit the back of my head. I scratched the pained area, hoping it would lessen the throbbing. I turned back, curious to see who might want to hit me. Nobody was in the room when I entered minutes ago.

Then, a bright light filled the room. I tried to close my eyes to avoid the temporary blindness. All of a sudden, a meager voice boomed from nowhere. It said in a little girl’s voice, “Come, come and sit and see. Look through it and I’ll appear magically.” As if possessed or something, I unconsciously followed the command. I can’t move. Invisible hands clutched my head and positioned it towards the direction of the board. All I see is white, white and white, except for the mark that I have instigated. Slowly and quietly, blurry pictures began to appear. I can’t figure it out, but every second helps; the picture is becoming clearer and clearer. A little girl in her pajamas was gripping on to her snowy white stuffed bear.

I completely felt strange, weird and confused. We have the same black hair. The same big, brown eyes. The same meager pout. What does this supposed to mean? Then, it dawned on me. The little girl, sitting on her bed, looking out of the window was… me. Yes, she is, only she was years younger than I am. She’s like five or six.

She looked so happy, contented and comfortable just watching the silvery moon and the twinkling stars. And then I remembered how the night sky gives me comfort. A smile curled up in my face and for the first time in weeks, I felt better. Staring at her, I felt young, happy and carefree. I kept my eyes locked onto her. I guess we shared the very same heart at that very moment.

Unexpectedly, she turned her head towards me and looked me in the eyes. I can feel her stare penetrating deep down my insides. An innocent smile formed on her beatific face. I smiled back. I felt a creepy sensation as she spoke, “Aiza, yes, I am you, but a little you.” She chuckled at my expression. “You need to be free, happy and young again. You were really busy about school stuff. School isn’t everything, you know. It’s just a part of your dear life. I was bored, I never got the chance to get out of my shell. You were just ising your serious, adult self all the time. Give yourself and me a chance, pretty please. Just giggle and I am already there. I am still a part of you, remember?”

I realized that what she was saying was true. I badly needed to be out of worries once in a while. All I could manage to say was, “Thank you, little girl.” I stood up and felt a new ray of light shining upon me. I wanted to give her a bear hug. I trudged forward and was a few steps away when the board returned back to its normal state. She was gone, but I held on to the lessons that I’ve learned from her, from myself.

I never got the chance to hug her, but it was still a great moment. And so, feeling much better, I turned around and stepped out of the room. Giving the board a last glance. I said,

“I need to be young again.”

Read more: http://authspot.com/thoughts/i-need-to-be-young-again/#ixzz1MRBBqeSa
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Scared is just a scribble of thoughts that came forming inside my brain like party music when I was sixteen. I probably wrote this on June after I met this cute guy on a club when me and my girls had this start-of-school-year party. This guy, well, we met on the dancefloor. He’s everything I wanted (physically speaking). Skin head, dimples, eyebrow scar, earring on one ear. Still remembered what I wore. Black top with black and white pedal. And I still had that braces.


It started smoothly,
And I enjoyed the way it worked.
You noticed me
And you were so fast.

Let’s take it slow boy
Coz I know I will lose you.

We got it going,
I sense you twisting your swagger.
You even protected me.

Don’t be to sweet, babe.
Coz I know I will lose you.

It was getting sultry
And we danced kinda close.
Keep back some care, but respect

You had me, but I gotta cut
Coz I know I will lose you.

You got humor
And got all the moves.
You’re so darn cute.

Move your eyes away from me
Coz I know I will lose you.

We’re from different crews,
But we jived real good.
I hate that you look so perfect,
So attractive in the most irritating way,
Sexy in a dangerous manner.

Oh boy, I wish I haven’t partied that night.
Coz I know I will lose you.

Read more of this here: http://authspot.com/poetry/scared-22/
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Chemistry is a poem I created back in Mar. 30, 2003, 11:10 PM. A fellow Chemistry quizzer inspired me on this one. He and I have spent some time together out of town for the National Chemistry Quiz Bowl in Ateneo de Manila. During the regionals, I bagged the 2nd place and he got the 3rd. Unfortunately, we haven’t earned a place in the National Level. Distracted? Lol. Here it is.


Homeostasis is destroyed,
My chemical equilibrium unbalanced.
It’s as if catalysts loaded up together
And hasten chemical reactions in my body.

Pressure is increasing,
Volume decreasing.
Whatever gas law it is,
I can no longer recall.

All I know is that 
I am like a cell placed in brine,
And could almost go on to lysis.

The air is humid,
O2 scarce.
I need to breathe.
I undergo this searing reaction
Everytime you’re in the vicinity.

White flames of CuSO4 
seems to flicker in your eyes.
How can you be so paramagnetic with me?

But I keep on wondering, if you’re a polar,
Then I hope I’d be a polar too.
Then we would mix and not be immiscible.

I think we just need the right number of atoms
Of reactants to gain a perfect product.
Can we ever belong to the same group?
Or period?

Could we not violate the Octet Rule
and stay perfectly combined for all time?
Am I an alkaseltzer 
that would sizzle in bubbles when we collide?
Or are we oil and water that can never be combined?

I don’t care.
All I know is we make chemistry together.

Read more: http://authspot.com/poetry/chemistry-5/#ixzz1Lh66cHsp
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Shallow Hal

Shallow Hal is a poem I've created  for someone who was a little special to me. He can even be mistaken as my little brother because we kinda look alike, with the big brown eyes. That was love for me back then — years ago. The story's seem to be funny.

Shallow Hal

I used to swear before
And think that it’s really a sore
To fall for a younger boy
Who still keeps at least one toy.

It would really suck
I think it’s a real bad luck.
A cradlesnatcher gurl,
Holding the boy wrapped in fur.

I ate my words and swallowed them hard
I fell for you, my little lucky card
Against all odds, it seems.
But I don’t care; I would just beam.

You’re one cute guy
I wanna be with you, oh my.
Age and height we really oppose
But all we need is a tricky pose.

I hope all this is true
And not shatter or make me blue
Mom says Im one real smart gal,
But in love, I’m one shallow hal.

Read more: http://authspot.com/poetry/shallow-hal-in-a-different-way/#ixzz1LeBe5Fwh

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