Scared is just a scribble of thoughts that came forming inside my brain like party music when I was sixteen. I probably wrote this on June after I met this cute guy on a club when me and my girls had this start-of-school-year party. This guy, well, we met on the dancefloor. He’s everything I wanted (physically speaking). Skin head, dimples, eyebrow scar, earring on one ear. Still remembered what I wore. Black top with black and white pedal. And I still had that braces.


It started smoothly,
And I enjoyed the way it worked.
You noticed me
And you were so fast.

Let’s take it slow boy
Coz I know I will lose you.

We got it going,
I sense you twisting your swagger.
You even protected me.

Don’t be to sweet, babe.
Coz I know I will lose you.

It was getting sultry
And we danced kinda close.
Keep back some care, but respect

You had me, but I gotta cut
Coz I know I will lose you.

You got humor
And got all the moves.
You’re so darn cute.

Move your eyes away from me
Coz I know I will lose you.

We’re from different crews,
But we jived real good.
I hate that you look so perfect,
So attractive in the most irritating way,
Sexy in a dangerous manner.

Oh boy, I wish I haven’t partied that night.
Coz I know I will lose you.

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