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Aizanity Quote of the Day 08

Most of the best relationships happen between two people with mutual goals and similar priorities.

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Alone and Waiting

Alone and Waiting
 on a cold, dark, rainy day

Raindrops hit my roof,
and it sent subtle sounds to my ears.
Alone, I lay lazily on my foamed airbed,
thinking of the earlier phone call.

My heart was set ablaze,
before my hands had the courage to dial.
Then, as I spoke, the excitement
in my voice betrayed me of what I truly felt.

I patiently waited,
thinking of nothing, but you.
I knew you'd come.
You'd come a midst the heavy rain.

The doorbell revealed your presence.
My heart skipped with joy.
My stomach rumbled.
My mouth began to salivate.

As I gave you the exact change,
you showed me your perfect smile,
"Five Cheese Pizza Delivery".
And there was a sun on my rainy day.

Thank you, Mister Delivery Boy for battling the rain.

The title would have been Alone, Hungry and Waiting, but that would give everything away. Lol. Hope you enjoyed this. :)

*Poem shared on the Magpie Tales

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Free Write Fridays: Postcard

Hey, family, boyfriend and dogs.

I doing great today since it's raining. You know how the rain perks me up. I've waken up before noon, yay. Congratulate me. I checked my mail after I took a bath, and I was supposed to eat breakfast, but I skipped it since, I got engrossed. The watch says eleven when I caught a glimpse of it. Don't worry though, I ate lunch.

Please don't hate the internet; it keeps me sane when you all are not here with me. I wouldn't say I miss you because you know I do. Terribly that I am fishing for gold in the internet. I hope you do pray that I get my break so we could all live together and we'll be all happy. We move to different cities because of money, right? But don't you worry, the separation will be over soon.

Mom, I hope you clear your thoughts and see that living here with me is the ultimate bestest choice. Electricity, rent and water here is relatively cheap to where we were living. We shall let go of our white house since it isn't a home if we're not together in it. Besides, I don't like our nosy neighbors. I'll just miss DonDon (the dog), who gets to stay with the little girl living on the third floor. And of course, I'll miss lola and aunt, our other family.

Dogs, please don't dislike me. Mommy misses you everyday and it makes her sick. She is doing everything she can to hasten the process of your transport to where she is. She loves you though you guys smell. Kidding. You all smell sweet. I dream of cuddling with you everyday. I just wish we grow old at the same rate. I've left you for quite a long dog years already.

And boyfriend, I don't know what'll happen to us in the future. Like me, you're alone. Actually, you're more alone where you are. I just wish you and I would have the same priorities someday. And I hope that someday would come when our hair have not yet turned white.

Hoping we'll all be together the soonest,

Written for Magic in the Backyard's Free Write Fridays
Click on the cute picture to join. 

*Shared on Poetry Pantry
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I Quote Him 01

Was walking. I found a lake. I just followed a trail. Dogs were swimming. You would have loved it.

And he told me to check out the pictures. Was excited to see the dogs having fun in the water. But nah, it's just the lake. and the trail. 
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Why Walking the Streets Inspires Me

When the sun was about to set earlier this afternoon, I took a walk not so far away. I seek for food that would satisfy me and eliminate the hunger that my physical form feels.

Little feebly steps, I took. One house away. Further more. I walked on the side across the blind curve because I got used to. They said walking on the blind curve feeds the soul fetcher. I shrugged, but I obeyed my friends anyway. I still have big dreams. A block away from the curve was the place that would have the ability to fill me.

I arrived, only to find out that the waitress, new, judging by the way she does things, doesn't know how to cook a half-cooked sunny side up. She had to scrap the first egg. Bummer. Mother hen got tired of pushing it out. Crying over wrongly fried egg wouldn't help. Okay, I'm getting a little bit tired of waiting. My mean side is about to eat up the sweet me.

While waiting, I saw a fellow Filipino shouting out to a foreigner who lives in the same village:

Pinoy: Hi *Matt!
Matt: Hey, I didn't know you were there, buddy.
Pinoy: I'm here oh. Here, *pointing to the ground just above his feet*.
Matt: Yeah, you're like camouflaged or something.
Pinoy: *Silence for 3 seconds.* Where?
Matt: *puzzled face*

I chuckled. Eavesdropping is not terrible most of the time. Sometimes, it can make you laugh. No discrimination, whatsoever, okay? I'm a Filipino.

Finally, after what seems like forever, ate [a Filipino term to refer to someone older] has finished preparing the stuff that would stuff me tonight. I grabbed my order and slowly walked away. When I passed by talking duo, I heard Matt explaining to the Filipino what he actually meant. Yes, he explained the word camouflage.

As I walked away, the waitress, who was really friendly, shouted, "Bye, ganda." Ganda means beautiful. I just smiled. That erased my irritation earlier. Lol. She's just making up.

*Shared on Poetry Pantry
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Inspiration Day 06: Down Memory Lane

How far back can I remember? A friend told me I had an attention span of a goldfish. Another one said I remember nothing, but school things. But, I can recall a kitchen scenario in my nursery school in black and white. (Seriously, because all I can retain is the color of the corn flakes.)

A bunch of little kids in polka dots and jumpers crowd around a low-rise kitchen island. Teacher was teaching us how to do our own treat. First, we peeled our bananas. Then, we stick in a Popsicle stick. With much excitement, we dived in the banana into the chocolate syrup. Yummm, I thought. After that, we have to sprinkle the chocolate-covered banana with corn flakes. Too bad we can't eat it right away. We have to let teacher put our masterpieces inside the fridge. She said it'll be more fun eating them if they're frozen.

I'm thrilled to find a similar recipe online: Chocolate Covered Banana

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have more to say
I've thought of this scene hours ago (seriously, honestly) and I was surprised to know that my activity has something to be the Inspiration Day challenge.

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Inspiration Day 05: Dear, dearie

Below is a letter to someone who changed my life...

Dear, dearie.

It must be the heavens who have thought of entwining your life thread with mine. Though my thread didn't sprung from your fibers, the connection that we have may say so.

It is your thugs that have kept my end kite flying and it is my string pulls that kept you from tangling yourself up. You are such a thin, stubborn thread sometimes, but I like watching out for you because I want to. I am sure you'd do more for me.

I want you to be sewn on a really pretty dress, though it'll require me to be sewn on a dirty, little rag. This is just how we threadies roll.

Loving you and all that,
your threadie dear

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Inspiration Day 04: My Paradise

When asked, "What is your perfect paradise?"

I couldn't possibly answer this with words only.

To me, paradise is a place where no angst or whatever negative emotion exist. And there will just be love and peace and kissing. It would be a place where my family is, where my boy is, where my dogs are. It'll be just them and me, laughing and having the best days.

It'll be like spending vacation in Santorini.

And eating ambrosia-like food.

My little happy place.

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Inspiration Day 03: Stuck-in-an-Island Soundtrack

If I were stuck on an island and I get to have an iPod that could play only five songs, then I would spend the lazy days listening to:

Leighton Meester's Summer Girl

Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine 

Calypso by Spiderbait

Sublime's Santeria

Jack Johnson's To The Sea

But, if I can bring some more songs, it would probably be soundtracks from 50 First Dates, Sugar Ray and Jack Johnson songs.

Sipping cocktails. In a bikini all day long. Ocean waves. Sunlight. Gentle breeze.

Ahhh, Summery heaven.

I would surely survive the island days with these tracks. Plus a couple of books. And a WiFi connection. And a little cottage. And edibles to munch on. And of course, my guy. No man, after all, is an island, eh. 
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Inspiration Day 02: Those Little Things

Little things do inspire me. What are those?

When I wake up in the morning....

with these on my mind:
writing, walking on the streets, sms from loved ones, my dreams, my blogs, my dogs, life, cute things, my tumblr, photographs, weekends, witty movie lines, nail polish, shopping, dog stories, the thought of earning online, cityscapes, airbeds and comforters, snuggles, shmoozes, sunsets and late afternoons, a lazy afternoon, junk food, books, familiar scents, poetry, the bible, God, daydreaming, food, Charity avenues...
I go, "la la la la la". 
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Favorite Word: A Girls Talk Meme

I am a sucker for words. I get enticed by the way they sound, the way their smoothness run on a sentence and the creative thoughts that they induce.

Friendly Interruption: Play for dramatic effect

I do have a favorite one though.

It's simple. An adverb. Short. Classy, but heavy.

Nunca. It's Latin and it means never in English.
What is it again? How do you say it?

I have heard the word long before I have read it. It was introduced to me, properly, through one of Lynne Ewing's Daughter of the Moon Book Series. It has Latin phrases and during that time, I think I fell in love with the dead language. I think it was magical and spellbinding and romantic and beautifully creepy. I would love to read these works again.

The improper discovery of this word rooted from my mother. She always says this word whenever she's, well, angry at me. I was a lovely pain when I was young. I haven't had the slightest idea of what the word meant and I really didn't care that I don't know because I was mad, too. It's only during those Lynne Ewing days that I have come to realize my mom's angry word. She was only telling me that I should never go back crying to her when I do the things that I ain't supposed to do or that I should never talk back to her in a rude manner.

May the moon kiss you tonight and always,
The Dame
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Inspiration Day 01: Guilty Pleasure(s)

                                                                                                                       Booksales are 
my time machines, 
change eaters,
 soul savers, 
loneliness sucker 
happy pills.                        

Sweets are 
my newly discovered secrets,
sinful desires, 
extra-calories sources
my current life-saver.

* Thank you to Magic in the Backyard
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One Pre-Long Distance Relationship Evening

One Pre-Long Distance Relationship Evening

I could hear nothing but the crickets.
It's this time of the night that I am alive.

Not tonight, though.
He's with me, but not tonight.

I could hear nothing but my hearbeat.
It's one of these moments that it goes faster.

Not this time, though.
He's beside me, but not this time.

I could hear nothing but the loneliness in his voice.
It's a voice that could feather-tickle my heart.

Not this voice, though.
He's speaking, but not in that voice.

*This was a poetry prompt from Magpie Tales.
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