Inspiration Day 03: Stuck-in-an-Island Soundtrack

If I were stuck on an island and I get to have an iPod that could play only five songs, then I would spend the lazy days listening to:

Leighton Meester's Summer Girl

Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine 

Calypso by Spiderbait

Sublime's Santeria

Jack Johnson's To The Sea

But, if I can bring some more songs, it would probably be soundtracks from 50 First Dates, Sugar Ray and Jack Johnson songs.

Sipping cocktails. In a bikini all day long. Ocean waves. Sunlight. Gentle breeze.

Ahhh, Summery heaven.

I would surely survive the island days with these tracks. Plus a couple of books. And a WiFi connection. And a little cottage. And edibles to munch on. And of course, my guy. No man, after all, is an island, eh. 

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