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#maddening 02

Read #maddening 01 first. 

And when you finally tell them you actually knew and they say you're just saying that so as not to appear foolish.
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#maddening 01

When people think you actually don't know something you're pretending to stay oblivious about.
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 13

Someone told me I'm foolish. But is his evaluation of me accountable when he told me humans only grow two wisdom teeth?
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Inspiration Day 09: Changes

Change is the only permanence in this world. An understatement, I know. My heart longs for happiness for the world and so, with these little ways, I hope the world I live in may be a step closer to the world that my heart longs for.

  • Selflessness to all the people who breathes everyday. 
                         If we shed a coat of selfishness everyday, then I guess everyday would be better. Ditch the million dollar bags and donate it to charity. Chop off your pride and let narrow-minded people get bored with their antics. Eventually, they'll stop. Find your own Charity Avenues.

  • Ability to respond positively to our conscience, especially to those who need it the most.
                          I do believe we all have an active conscience, but other people can shut it out and not think about what the little voices say. Some may think about it and eventually change, for a while, then they'd pick the lesser evil. It's still evil. Some are immuned to it and would treat those little voices as children, whom they think they can get away it and receive no harm. I do wish this to those people in power, not just in the government, but in the office, in the church, in the classroom, in the streets and even in our homes, and to me.

  • Intolerance for animal abuse.
                          I am in a fragile state when I think of my dogs or see pictures of animals in pain. I just wish a dog's heart would be transplanted into every human chest. That way, then maybe this world would be a better place. It could be paradise.

  • Popping Charity Avenues.
                          Poverty is a continuing sickness of every country, especially in mine. What can I do to help? I just do my Charity Avenues, but I know it isn't enough. Sometimes, I am more appreciate of the non-government organizations that move on their own, of ordinary people who help the needy and not brag about it. I appreciate the man who goes to the hospital during Christmas time and pay all the bills of a complete stranger, secretly. And of the lady who pays for the order of the car after her in a drive through. I want to be one with them.

  • I want to be with all the people (and animals that I love).
                          I love life and I realized I would want to spend everyday with the people and animals that I love - my mom, my dogs and my boyfriend slash best friend. I am losing my grip when I am not with them. I am a better person with them. The only thing that kept us apart is money. We all look for money to live. We work for the ones we love, but in the process, we are deprived of their presence, their touch, and the ability to take care of them in a non-financial way.
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 12

I love taking long baths on Saturdays.
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Jet Lagged: A Midnight Snack

Jet Lagged

Did you ever feel like you're the missing puzzle piece? 

It's like melancholy would strike you anytime, anywhere, whether you are prepared to take it on or not. 

Being the smartest kid in your graduating class no longer count because right now, you feel like all those years spent in your campus were a huge mistake. This was not the life that you have envisioned to be, though it used to be the life that you have planned for.

Everything just seems so misplaced. Your dogs. Your long-time boyfriend, whom you guess will never be your husband, let alone, your fiance. Even your mother. 

Why do everyone seem to be busy and contented and happy, while you are screaming inside of boredom, loneliness and regret every day since your adult life has started.

You just type grocery lists on your phone, pretending to be texting a colleague about a serious work matter, whilst hoping for a goodnight message (when it's noon time) that never penetrated your service network.

*Written for Poet's United Midnight Snack Edition 003.
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Magpie Mondays {42 Teacups}

42 Teacups

Those moments before dusk,
when the full moon is clearly revealing herself,
I host a tea party. 

In the middle of the bloomfields,
where wilted flowers, tied with brown laces
still stood upright to join us.

The three ladies of Grace Adieu --
Cassandra, Miss Tobias and  Mrs Field, 
as far away as they could.

From Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell,
who were intently discussing some magic tricks,
which they would work on afterwards.

Miranda, feels the pile of flax 
with her weak, little hands.
She sits near the middle, five empty pie plates beside her.

I guess even the ants would waver 
to the sweetness at the sight of
Venetia and Captain Fox, who are madly in love as ever.

When everybody has finished their tea
down to the last drop,
they all left without a word.

And I poured the dainty cream pot over.
I stirred and sipped,
Sipped and stirred again.

*Inspired by the Magpie Tales.

The fictional characters that I had tea with are from Susanna Clarke's The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories.
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Dreaded Hole

This poem is sort of a continuation of my little love affair with that cute guy I met during the science camp. Because we have been texting each other for a while and nothing more. Puppy Love. Tsk. I was fifteen then so pardon my exaggerated emotions.

Dreaded Hole

It was just some joke
That lived inside of me.
Unexpectedly, things evolved
and the joke snickered at me.

It went beyond the limits
And it’s bugging me so.
A naïve little encounter
Started it all.

Then, in my heart,
I saved a space.
A delicate space
I saved for you.

But now, I’m afraid I created that space.
It’s still a void.
Satiate it.
And save me from disappointment.

I fear
for someday,
That space would turn into a hole
That could expand.

It could grow so big
That I may conclude
It’s eating up my crimson heart,
Continuously, unceasingly.

After my heart has been sucked
By the dreaded hole,
Nothing would be left of me,
But indifference.
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Inviting More Readers

I am totally excited with this week's task: Liking Facebook Blog Fan Pages!! :} So, without, further ado, let me proceed with this blog entry.

Thanks for this week's blog sponsors: Pink Memoirs and Postcard Enthusiast.

You can like my Facebook Page just by clicking the button below. You can find it on the upper right portion of my sidebar, but I want to make it easier for you.

A million thanks,

Miss `C
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Sunday Whirl 01: Busting Guys Out

This is my first time to join Sunday Whirl, although I have linked to the web prompt weeks ago. It seems fun, and I know I'll be able to exercise my brain cells plus the part of my brain responsible for imagination in doing this prompt. So, here it is.

On Busting Guys Out

For several times now, 
it seems that I have to pass.

From your urgent requests,
which you all casually take to be simple.

I've stuffed each of your arrogance 
into my empty pockets,

For me, not to keep or build,
but to bury them down 
like my torn exam papers.
Giving in to your roaring desires
would scrape my dignity.
I have to cut you all out, be bold,
and watch you all jolt while I say,

"No, I wouldn't like to have dinner with you.
Or watch a movie or drink coffee, now, tomorrow, not ever."

Inspired by: The Sunday Wirl

Post Script 01: Funny how the choice of Obama's words in his presidential address is similar to mine in busting guys out. 

Post Script 02: It's not that I am that pretty to bust them out. It's just that I am committed and I want to be loyal. :)
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 11

When you travel, travel with your favorite people. It's the only way to savor the views best, eat the food as you like and talk your heart out without hesitations -- and take the loveliest photos that you can.
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Inspiration Day 08: My President

I suck at Politics. I am not even acquainted with my government history. So this might not be an intereting, let alone, inspiring post for me. But if ever, I'd like to choose, I choose.....

I can't. No one is in my mind. Maybe because nobody would make the best president. To make way for development, at least in my own country, I believe every one should work and cooperate.

A leader can do a phenomenal thing, yet change would be nowhere in sight.
Each of his people can do a simple little thing, and change will surely be visible.
With both, change can be simply phenomenal.
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Aizanity Quote of The Day 10

is like a grown up 

Pinterest is like a grown up tumblr.
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Aizanity Quote of The Day 09

A real lady doesn't tell her man that she loves him very much, even though she truly, truly does. 

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Inspiration Day 07: Favorite Cover

I first heard the song Price Tag from this adorable, amazingly talented young lady, Maria Aragon. She really has a cute and powerful voice. And I am proud to be her kabayan. Though she lives in Canada, she's a Filipino by heart. I saw her perform on our local talent show and I'm glad she loves performing for her fellow Filipinos. 

Price Tag is an inspiring song, especially for today's youth. It seems that everybody is after fame, fortune and all the pricey, glittery stuff. But life isn't about it. Though I admit I kind of salivate for the "finer things in life". I do have a tumblr and Pinterest. And sometimes, my materialistic side eats me up. 

But we all have to remember, 
Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
- The Little Prince 
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Quote of the Day {from Abby Kelly}

Love is so much more perfect when the object of the affection is absent. It is then we can’t remember any of the things that irritate us and ruin our romance.
- Abby Kelly {blogger} of http://benjity.wordpress.com/

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