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Magpie Mondays { Flamboyance in the Air}

Flamboyance in the Air

I'm on a high.
Thankful that the world can see me.

Grateful that the world can see me.

Free flowing.
And light.

How sweet it is
to let every fiber inside me
go afloat,

I am myself.
At long last.

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Aizanity Quote of the Day 05

As I progress from each Bible verse, my writing self thought of a thousand blog entries at once. How could I miss this one book whose every line relates to my life?
Bible Verse Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 1-8 
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 04

In buying fresh garments, always remember your closet pieces. That way, you will increase your mixing and matching prowess. 
- Aizanity 
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 03

I started reading the Bible and everything started to get beautiful. 
- Aizanity

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Aizanity Quote of the Day 02

When you don't feel like going to the comfort room to check yourself as you arrive at the mall, head to some shop, pick up a garment, and hit the fitting room.
- Aizanity 
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Magpie Mondays {The Judgmental Guard}

The Judgmental Guard
and his metal detector 

You say I'm a no brainer,
with a light and happy 'tude.
You say I'm just a rich girl,
with plenty of swipes and maids.

You say I get so tipsy
after a half-shot of tequila.
You say I'm just somebody
That you can just push around.

Well, you are just like security,
who hit me with that scanner,
slowly from head to toe,
with traces of pretense.

I passed by once,
and that was your only chance.

You let me through,
and I slipped in.
Easily. Swiftly.

I swallowed the weed.
I have a micro chip bomb.

I can destroy your territory.
But I chose the other option.

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Dating Mr. Invisible

Dating Mr. Invisible

He's that mysterious cutie
Who hides beneath the handkerchief
He has this charm that is so witty
That's enough to grab a perky group of highschool chicks

He's that guy who gave you signs
That he, a stoic one, finally feels
And this sent shivers down your spine
As you also do feel the same

You watch some movies in the mall
And you two haven't paid much attention at all
And then when you go out for a stroll
Your hands stay put and never touch

Yes, he visits your home
Eat and drink and just chill out
But in his far and humble dome,
you never had the chance to go.

Taking pictures, yes you do
Goof around and smile and pout
But all these pictures of your boo
stay so safe in your private space

Your family knows him, face and swagger
They kinda like him, he's that boy-next-door
But your time to meet his is a lagger
Since it hasn't happened since forever

Wanting him has been exciting
Kissing him has been crazy
Dating him is never evolving
And it seems he keeps you waiting

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