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Quote of the Day {from Eminem}

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

ThestorybehindthisquoteI've read this quote some time ago, but I kind of forgotten the exact words, so I googled it. I just remembered the thoughts. After a few keywords, bam, I found it. Surprised to know it came from Eminem. This is so effing right. I can totally relate with this right now. I have spoken my mind out and things happened, which I presume was triggered, partially by my spoken words. And these things, are not totally good, not totally bad, but more on the bad scale. But I'm a master of stoicism and indifference, so I can take this. But it feels effing good to see that your words have stirred up emotions in others. 

Cheers to my life. 

If you give me a tough ride, then Ima scream the **** out of you. *sweet face*
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Letting Go Gracefully

To chop a dying flower off or let it totally wilt?

Is there a difference? 

There is.

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Under Lunae's Glow

Under Lunae's Glow
is where, when I am the happiest 

When moon dust are sprinkled on my rooftop;
When phosphorescence takes its lead;
When darkness begins its blithe magic;

I build my castles in my little corner,
where my books are trees and
thoughts are the oxygen stream.

Daydreams meet my twilight lushes.
The spirit of blissfulness kiss my cheeks,
And chases my worries towards the blackhole.

This is a prompt from Poets United. And this has been shared here.

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Aizanity Quote of the Day 07

Since my life is boring,                                                                         I make my thoughts make up for it. 
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Charity Avenue I

Charity Avenue I 

Work has been hard,
I took the day off.

Unfortunately, the boss says I'm needed.
So, off I go to work -- at brunch time.

I have to go get my laundry first,
I thought.

"Do you have change?",
the laundry lady asked.

Goodbye to the last hundred peso bill
and to some shiny silver coins.

Boarded the jeepney. 
Coins? The last exact change.

Off, I hopped and I asked the bread lady,
"I need to get some change for this." 
[Presented a 500 peso bill.]

"No can do.", she replied.
I retorted, "Alright. I'll buy a bottle of water then."

Change, at long last. 
Alas! It's nearing noon. Pft.

I was on haste when 
an old homeless lady blocked my way. 

I turned around, and talked to the bread lady again,
"One pack of bread please."

I grabbed it and gave it to the aged woman.
And I have more change, which I really don't need anymore.

I crossed the street and
boarded another jeepney.

I thought, I should have went to work earlier.
Shouldn't have hustled 'coz of the hassles.

Then, I remembered my deed,
which involved a pack of six plain buns.


If it weren't for the emergency at work,
If it weren't for the need to go get my laundry,

If only the laundry lady has a change,
If only I have enough change for my second fare,

If I haven't stopped to buy the bottled water,
And first of all, if it weren't for my morning slack feeling,

Then, maybe the old lady 
wouldn't have something for lunch.

With this, then maybe bad luck could hit me n times a day.
It could be the complete opposite for others.

No mocking, whatsoever.

Shared on Poetry Pantry.
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Aizanity Quote of the Day 06

The internet is a blissfully overwhelming unicorn. Tonight, I caught a glimpse of thoughts on blogs of beautiful people and those clicks imprinted on my soul. 

*on finding great blogs and meeting people with the same interest
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Quote of the Day {from Hennesey}

The longer you stay single, the longer you serve as a public temptation and a threat to someone else's relationship.
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Free Books Are Plain Lovely

Few weeks ago, I have found another program which caters to book lovers. Blogging for Books is similar to BookSneeze. They send you a free copy of the book of your choice for you to review. It's all for free. A win win situation, right? They have advertisement and you have your book.

When I first came across Blogging for Books, they were only offering books to bloggers based on the United States. This was a bummer for me since I'm from the Philippines. Disappointed, I left my email on the small box. They said they'll mail if ever they'll be capable of accepting non-US based bloggers.

Today's the day. I've received the mail announcement. Blogging for Books is now accepting worldwide bloggers. This was joy (of course, after a rough day at the office). Though hard copies are still not possible with bloggers outside US, I was still happy to receive a free e-book. I should buy a Kindle, a NOOK or an IPAD soon. Or maybe a smart phone. I instantly clicked on the email link and signed up. After running through the sites FAQs, I added the badge on this site. And picked my first book.

The available books for you to review are based on the preferences that you have made upon signing up. After breezing through the several available books, I have finally made my choice:

Umm, I won't spill anything about this book yet. Just wait for my book review. Stay tuned. For the mean time, if you want to sign up and receive your own copy too, then hit Blogging for Books right now.
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This Blog Has Been Claimed

The foam retracts above the legible symphony.
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A Distressed Dramatical

Right Brain.                    Left Brain.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
Write.                                         Create.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
Prose.                                                                    Technical.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
Pleasure.                                     Sacrifice.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
Eros.                                  Storge.
Tick tock. Tick tock.


This is a poetry prompt from Poets United.

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The English Language is Not That Complete

English is the universal language, but that doesn't mean it can take over every dialect. There are actually some foreign words that Mr. Webster can't translate.

L'esprit d' escalier {French}
  • the feeling you get after leaving a conversation, when you think of all the things you should have said. Translated, it means, "the spirit of the staircase."

Waldeinsamkeit {German}
  • the feeling of being alone in the woods

Meraki {Greek}
  • doing something with soul, creativity, or love

Forelsket {Norwegian}
  • the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love

Pochemuchka {Russian}
  • a person who asks a lot of questions

Pena ajena {Mexican Spanish}
  • the embarrassment you feel watching someone else's humiliation

Cualacino {Italian}
  • the mark left on a table by a cold glass

Ilunga {Tshiluba, Congo}
  • a person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time

Gigil {Filipino}
  • the urge to pinch or squeeze (or bite) something (or someone) that is unbearably cute

Or sometimes, gigil is the way that someone act if he or she is angry.
Let Blair demonstrate this for you.

See, one word can convey different feelings. How should I know? I'm a Filipino. 

I am one of the few who falls in love with words, how they tangle with each other, how they plant emotions, how they ignite a thought, how they sound when placed side by side. I fell in love with English, yet it is as magical to explore other foreign languages. Latin intrigued me when I was younger. My mom always uses the word, nunca whenever she's mad at me. It means never. Never shall I dare speak back at her.

As I sleep, I carry on with me the beauty of language in my dreams.

*All pictures via Tumblr.

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