Quote of the Day {from Eminem}

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

ThestorybehindthisquoteI've read this quote some time ago, but I kind of forgotten the exact words, so I googled it. I just remembered the thoughts. After a few keywords, bam, I found it. Surprised to know it came from Eminem. This is so effing right. I can totally relate with this right now. I have spoken my mind out and things happened, which I presume was triggered, partially by my spoken words. And these things, are not totally good, not totally bad, but more on the bad scale. But I'm a master of stoicism and indifference, so I can take this. But it feels effing good to see that your words have stirred up emotions in others. 

Cheers to my life. 

If you give me a tough ride, then Ima scream the **** out of you. *sweet face*

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