Inspiration Day 06: Down Memory Lane

How far back can I remember? A friend told me I had an attention span of a goldfish. Another one said I remember nothing, but school things. But, I can recall a kitchen scenario in my nursery school in black and white. (Seriously, because all I can retain is the color of the corn flakes.)

A bunch of little kids in polka dots and jumpers crowd around a low-rise kitchen island. Teacher was teaching us how to do our own treat. First, we peeled our bananas. Then, we stick in a Popsicle stick. With much excitement, we dived in the banana into the chocolate syrup. Yummm, I thought. After that, we have to sprinkle the chocolate-covered banana with corn flakes. Too bad we can't eat it right away. We have to let teacher put our masterpieces inside the fridge. She said it'll be more fun eating them if they're frozen.

I'm thrilled to find a similar recipe online: Chocolate Covered Banana

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I've thought of this scene hours ago (seriously, honestly) and I was surprised to know that my activity has something to be the Inspiration Day challenge.

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