Inspiration Day 10: A Dream that Saved Me


There I was, standing by a cliff. I know I am so much contented with the view that I just couldn't touch. A pretty sight, something that I have been so used to. The graying clouds, which smudged the perfect sunset that I have always believe to be, seemed to be oblivious. 

Until someone came right through me, grabbed me by my weak wrists and flew with me. I felt alive again, felt my heart pounding as his fingers entangled with mine. His chest was a place that my head had been longing for for years. He saved me from indifference and taught me that I can feel this way again. 

He slowly lifted up my head for me to see his face. And it was familiar. It was a face that I see everyday.

Before anything else could happen, I woke up. :/

When I did, I could still feel the warm fuzz in my heart. It's as if it was real. 

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